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Fuel Savings


EcoTrak fuel saving technology has been developed to help businesses in the UK and Ireland to realise fuel savings and reduce their carbon footprint. EcoTrak reports on driver and vehicle management parameters including miles per gallon (MPG), litres per 100 km (L/100KM), speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), engine load, idling time and time spent in cruise control, to name a few. By managing these parameters, it is possible to improve your fleet's overall performance and reduce operating costs. Typical savings of between 7 % and 14 % are being achieved by providing fleet managers and businesses owners with a simple to use fleet management tool.
  • Incorporates all the functionality of GPS Tracking
  • Links directly to engine management system
  • Measures MPG or L/100KM in real time
  • Provides simple to use Driver league tables
  • Driver behaviour management
  • Carbon footprint reporting
  • Fully verifiable system

More Information

It is estimated that fuel amounts to around 30% of the operating costs of the average fleet. Clearly, any measures which can help to reduce this figure are worth exploring. This is where EcoTrak, our revolutionary fuel-saving technology comes in.

How does it work?

Unlike other overheads, fuel costs are not fixed. They are determined by a series of variables such as speed, breaking habits and engine idling times. By monitoring these variables, fleets can significantly reduce their fuel consumption and hence make cost savings.

EcoTrak utilises the very latest technology, developed in conjunction with the haulage industry and commercial fleet operators. It allows you to monitor factors such as:

It has been proven that by monitoring these factors, fleets can improve fuel consumption by as much as 20%

  • Miles per gallon (MPG) or (L/100Km)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Engine load
  • Idling time
  • Time spent in cruise control

Understanding driver behaviour

EcoTrak has been specially designed to understand the individual driving style of each of the drivers in your fleet. By recording vehicle data in real time, you can be proactive in reacting to changing circumstances and deal with issues before they have detrimental effect on your fuel consumption.

This data is presented in a series of simple reports, which can be easily accessed via an internet browser, or alternatively emailed to you at scheduled intervals. From these reports, you can identify the drivers who are performing poorly and use their driver data to identify areas for improvement and more fuel-efficient driving practices.

Many organisations have found that by simply raising awareness of these issues amongst drivers, they can increase their efficiency and reduce fuel costs by up to 4%. After subsequent driver training, fuel reductions of between 7% and 14 % are being achieved.

Other savings

Not only can EcoTrak lower fuel costs, it can also lead to lower maintenance and insurance costs too.

A Greener Fleet

We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, for fleet bosses, this is all the more apparent. EcoTrak can also help your business to significantly reduce its carbon emissions and at the same time demonstrate a commitment to that all-important corporate responsibility.

EcoTrak is certified by Carbon Guerrilla.

Awards and recognition

EcoTrak has also been highly commended by the Van FleetWorld Honours Awards 2008. It was recognised in the technology category for its carbon reduction abilities. The product has also earned praise from fleet bosses, including David Pushman, Haulage Director of Boarhunt:

"EcoTrak has significantly reduced our fuel bills with fuel economy increases on our HGV fleet in excess of 1 MPG per vehicle."

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To find out more about how EcoTrak can help your fleet to become more efficient,

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