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Fuel Savings



Working with an experienced network of professionals, Logic Fleet Management has built a strong consultancy programme. Independent Fuel Saving Consultants work with Logic Fleet Management to deliver a vital part of all managed fuel saving trials and EcoTrak deployments. They offer customers an objective overview of their fleet, its performance and work in conjunction with the customer to improve their operational efficiency where necessary. They also work closely with our network of approved driver trainers, who work to the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) scheme, to deliver driver training, in accordance with the Fuel Saving Consultants' recommendations.

Managed Trials

Take the Fuel Saving Challenge!

For many businesses looking to reduce their operating costs, fuel consumption is a logical place to begin. At present, fuel costs represent up to 30 per cent of the overall costs to a business running a fleet of vehicles and even more importantly, these costs can be effectively addressed by correctly managing driver behaviour. Businesses looking to reduce their costs through improved driver and vehicle management can take advantage of an EcoTrak Managed Trial.

The Trial process is a highly structured programme. It offers businesses an opportunity to assess the benefits of EcoTrak fuel saving technology, without initially committing to a full roll out of the solution. During the trial period, we work closely with the business involved to understand their operation, their business needs and processes. We introduce a Fuel Saving Consultant who proactively manages the trial and leads the recommended organisational changes identified during the trial period. These changes may include driver training for some or all drivers, and is entirely customised to the requirements of the business. Training may take the form of driver briefings, in cab instruction, or a combination of both.

Step by Step Process

Week One

- Consultant reviews available data to understand the nature of the operation
- Consultant & Client select vehicles and drivers to take the trial
- Covertly install EcoTrak into the chosen vehicles

Week Two & Three

- Run vehicles for 2 weeks to establish existing fleet MPG or L/100 KM benchmark

Week Four

- Expert trainers deliver driver briefing and training where necessary. This can contribute towards required CPC hours
- Establish new target MPG at the end of week 4

Week Five & Six

- Install EcoTrak into chosen vehicles at end of week 4
- At the end of week 6 a new improved target MPG or L/100KM will be established

No Risk

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that our EcoTrak fuel saving technology can save your business money so we offer our Trials as a Fuel Saving Challenge. If, during the arranged Trial period, the vehicles selected to undertake the Trial do not achieve an increase in MPG or L/100 KM we will cover the full cost of the Managed Trial.

Therefore, there is no financial risk involved.

However, if after the Trial, you decide to roll out EcoTrak across your fleet of vehicles, the full cost of the initial Trial will be added to the full cost of the implementation.

To arrange a demonstration or fully managed free trial please contact Ciaran Gray on 087-6788291
or Logic Fleet Management on 01- 4203000.

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