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Re-Manufactured Refuse Bodies

The pictures below give an indication of the visual change to the Body through the process of re-manufacture:

Our customer wants a Re-Manufactured Body that:

  1. looks as good as new
  2. has a long life viability

The key to meeting these customer needs is to identify a suitable Body for refurbishment and to have the technical ability to deliver a 'nearly new' end product.

You want a Body that is not weakened by the stress of use or will not restore as new due to damage, etc. This may be your own Body on an old chassis or a 3rd party's Body. The Logic staff have the experience and expertise to make this assessment. All our bodies come with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Thereafter we:

Strip the Body right back to its core.
Sandblast, prime and paint in your company's livery.
All mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts inspected and assessed.
All parts required are replaced with new OEM parts.

Even an expert finds it hard to tell the difference between a new mounted body and one that has been refurbished in the Logic Plant.

Unlike others in Ireland, we can show you our refurbished bodies out working with customers and obtain testimonials from those customers if required.

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